Entertainment and Activities

The Buffalo House offers a variety of activities and events for all seasons... Gather with friends for fine food and drinks in the Buffalo House Bar & Restaurant, Celebrate a reunion, wedding or party in either of our two large Banquet Facilities. Our campground is open all year long and were located on the Munger State hiking and biking trails. Campground and RV Park includes picnic areas with tables and fire rings, a video arcade/game room, along with horseshoe pits and volley ball. Check out some of the activities...

Buffalo House is located just 10 minutes from Duluth!

Area Events

Softball and Softball Tournaments
Camping / RV Park

Winter Activities

  • Fine Food
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Snowmobiling
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Downhill Skiing -Snowboarding @ Spirit Mountain (5 minutes)
  • Mont Du Lac - Wisconsin (15 minutes)
For more information call us at:
(218) 624-9901 / Fax: (218) 624-8336

(218) 723-3452
Duluth, MN
Enger Park Golf Course
(218) 722-T-OFF (8633)
I-35 & HWY 210
Black Bear Golf Course
(218) 624-3452
Carlton, MN
Grand View Golf Links of Duluth
(218) 389-3136
Mahtowa, MN
Twenty-Nine Pines Golf Course
(218) 384-3727
Carlton, MN
Pine Hill Golf Club
(218) 525-0828
Duluth, MN
Lester Park Golf Course
(218) 624-2255
Proctor, MN
Proctor Golf Course
(715) 394-0266
Superior, WI
Nemadji Golf Course
A variety of golf courses within 10 minutes.


    Softball Tourneys

    Softball Leagues and Schedules

    Softball Rules and Regulations

    1. No carry-ins or coolers allowed. Teams disregarding rule will be ejected from the league.
    2. One-hour time limit. Pregame 5:50 starts at 6:00. No exceptions. No new inning will start after 7:00. Second game starts at 7:00 or 5 minutes after first game is completed. When 1hr has elapsed, the umpire will notify both managers that they will complete the inning in progress. At the end of that inning, the game is over.
    3. Forfeit time is game time. Forfeit fee is $35 and must be paid to the concession before team will be allowed to play their next game. Three forfeits is an automatic league disqualification. No exceptions. No Refunds.
    4. Ten run rule is in effect after 5 innings. A complete game is 4 completed innings due to any weather conditions.
    5. No pick-ups allowed. Only players on your roster may play.
    6. Team at bat retrieves home run and foul balls. Or replaces ball.
    7. Umpire has the right to eject players from game, no questions asked. Also 1-week suspension.
    8. No classic league players in recreational leagues. Must have 8 players to start a game, coed can play with more females than males.
    9. If your team forfeits you can't play the next game until forfeit fee is paid in full.
    10. Rainouts call League Line 624-8336 after 5:00. Please do not call the bar.
    11. Sunday nights are make-up or Friday if no league.
    12. Roster limit is 20 players and the minimum is 12 players when turned in.
    13. If a manager has a complaint about an umpire relating to improper uniform, conduct, knowledge of the rules, etc., this should be reported to Darrell Eckenberg(590-8774). A complaint will only be considered within 24hrs after the game.
    14. Playing rules shall be ASA except as herein stated. Local rules will supersede any state or national rules.
    15. The league director and head umpire will consider protests. Protests on umpire judgment calls are not accepted. All protests must be made at the time of infraction to the umpire. Than a $40 fee must be posted at the concession and an email sent within 24hrs to buffalocamping@aol.com explaining the protest. If the protest if found valid, the money will be refunded, if found invalid it will go into the general fund. Protest on eligibility of players must be made prior or during the game, not after. Players on both teams must provide ID's to prove their identity. Than the team being accused cannot prove identification will lose the game by forfeit. At Playoffs all rosters will be available to the umpires.
    16. Any misconduct toward an official or players of any kind, be it physical or verbal will result in suspension and could end in expulsion from the Buffalo House Complex depending on the severity of the infraction for a time to be determined by management. Also if his or her team does not properly control the situation, the team could be suspended for the remainder of the season and beyond. Team sponsors will be notified of player ejections and team suspensions.
    17. Insurance is not provided by the Buffalo House to players and teams, or fans. You are at your own risk and liability. However, there is insurance for teams, available for purchase through ASA.
    18. The league director, at his discretion, has the authority to alter or administer the softball leagues in the best interest of the entire softball program, including changing playoff formats.
    League Fees
    • $500.00 Due April 17th. Does not include balls. Teams must supply their own balls.
    • No Players fees, Rosters are due on the night of your first game.
    • No additions may be made to roster after June 26th
    • Forfeit fees are $35.00
    • Each team is responsible for umpire fee of $12.00 per game.
    League Playoffs
    League playoffs are double elimination and are held on your regular league night. League director reserves the right to change format.

    2019 Upper League Volleyball Schedule

    2019 Lower League Volleyball Schedule